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Build a better



Online and in person executive coaching and accelerators. Tap into your strengths to deliver consistent outcomes and become a better leader.


Increase team effectiveness through engaging workshops designed to reveal team member strengths, maximize them, and use them together.


Develop your culture, work on your strategic plan, and increase employee engagement. Your organizational health is your competitive advantage.

Transforming Leaders, Teams, and Organizations


Cantera Leadership

Imagine what would change if you increased your leadership effectiveness by 5%. Or how about 10%? What kind of impact would you be able to have? What would it mean to your success?

At Cantera Leadership, we're all about increasing your leadership capacity. We love seeing you grow and become better.

President and Founder, Ben Dueck, is so passionate about developing leaders he went and got a Master of Arts degree in Leadership and has continually expanded his ability to maximize YOUR effectiveness. He's a Certified Gallup CliftonStrengths coach, has facilitated countless workshops, and loves being part of transforming others.

Whether you're on your own, part of a team, in the C-Suite, or running your own business, Cantera Leadership can expand your ability to attain success.

Maximized Leadership, Engaged Employees,

Clear Direction

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