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Ben Dueck

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Passionate About Leadership Development

For as long as I can recall, I've been passionate about understanding leadership and how to draw it forth in myself and the lives of others. That's the main reason why launching Cantera Leadership became an inevitable choice. It gives me the chance to live out my passion and impact the world in a meaningful way.

My first real leadership position as an adult, albeit a young one, was when I was voted in as the Houseleader of Manitoba Youth Parliament. My desire to understand leadership continued to grow from that point forward. I ran a small business for a few years, became a youth pastor, worked in a non-profit summer camp, started another business, became a fundraiser, worked in the Chamber of Commerce world, and then jumped into leadership development and business consulting. Somewhere in the midst of all those stops I graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Leadership which has become a cornerstone of Cantera Leadership.

I am passionate about seeing others step into their ability to lead. I am a firm believer that anyone can succeed as a leader with the right knowledge, skills, and investment in their talents. This development will help them in their leadership, their business, and at home. Not everyone will lead the same way, but everyone can become more effective.


Especially me.

Certifications and Qualifications
  • Over 20 years of Leadership Development experience

  • Gallup CliftonStrengths Coach

  • Master of Arts in Leadership

  • Volunteer Board Member

  • Engaging public speaker

  • Experienced workshop facilitator

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