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I am a self motivated, driven worker that is constantly in need of a goal to work towards. I love completing tasks and getting things done, and hate when other people lack diligence. I constantly hear a whisper of discontentment that instills in me the desire to move on and keep accomplishing goals. In order to feel accomplished, I need to reach a new goal every day. I don't need motivation from others, because I work better if I set my own goals.

What I Bring: Intensity, persistence, and hard work.

What I Need: Freedom to work at my own pace and timelines for my goals.

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I am a "take action" kind of person who tends to jump into things head first, without very much discussion. I am quick with my actions and create momentum to get things done. I often leap without looking, and am known for getting out of blocks quickly. I hate it when I have to wait around and waste time, and love it when initiating and instigating things. I charge ahead without much thought, and am impatient for things to happen. I believe that action is what makes things happen.

What I Bring: A sense of urgency and good use of time. 

What I Need: Less discussion and more action. 

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I am a here-and-now person who prefers to “go with the flow”. I see the future as something I create with the choices I make in the present. I react quickly and respond well to situations that come up as life goes on. I expect sudden requests and detours, and sometimes even look forward to them. I change quickly and willingly and move forward when unexpected obstacles come up. I love being spontaneous and hate predictability. 

What I Bring: Willingness to change and quick reactions. 

What I Need: Constant pressures demanding an immediate response. 

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I am a logical type of person and I’m objective in my approach to life. I am known to look for simplicity in the midst of chaos and complexity and for searching for the reasons as to why things are the way they are. I tend to be rather dispassionate, and have the ability to examine all the factors that could be affecting the situation around me. I love data and facts and find these things by asking questions and working with numbers. I hate things that are not proven, or cannot be proven, and I often challenge other people to “Prove it.” 

What I Bring: Dispassionate thinking to emotional issues. 

What I need: Time to think.

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